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Daniel is very attentive, detailed, understanding and patient. If I could give him 10 stars I would!!!!!


I had a great experience with Daniel and Jolie. Everything was fast and efficient and they were so helpful and supportive every step of the way. I would recommend this law firm highly.


Mr. Jenkins helped me through a tough time. Filing bankruptcy is a hard decision to make but he made it easy to understand and kept me up on everything that was happening and even helped me save money and my vehicles. You won't find a more personable, Understanding Attorney to deal with. Everyone in his office was very helpful too. I highly recommend him.

T Covington

Daniel is both Professional & Personable. He is completely up to date on all Laws, Policies & Procedures in the State of GA. In my opinion, it's this combination that makes Daniel uniquely qualified. He is in a word, one of best in Savannah.


If you told me three years ago that I would be writing not just a positive but a 5 STAR review for an attorney, I would have laughed in your face. Mr. Jenkins and his delightful wife proved me very wrong. Thoughtful, respectful, and proactive, Mr. Jenkins guided me through not one, but two bankruptcies, averting a what would have been a devastating foreclosure on my home after the death of my husband. If you have any specific questions about his work ethic on my behalf, do not hesitate to contact me.


"He helped me even though there was no benefit for him. I was unable to use his services but he still took the time to help me on numerous occasions. It almost made me sad that bankruptcy was not an option for me! "


"I can never Thank Daniel Jenkins enough for helping me. I never even became his client, I ended up not filing bankruptcy. And still, even AFTER he knew bankruptcy wouldn't work for me, the help he gave me, was immeasurable! I went to him because of a problem created by a different attorney that I thought was helping me. I thought bankruptcy was my only option once I learned that you are not likely to find help against another attorney. Everyone else I spoke to only said they would not be involved but would not say why. Mr. Jenkins is the Only One that pointed out what he saw as a problem immediately. I cannot express the peace of mind he brought me. Most people don't go to an attorney because Life is Good. Usually it's because of a very stressful situation and you need help. Mr. Jenkins showed me kindness when NO Other Attorney did. He actually took the time to sort through a situation for a "nobody" when something didn't look right to him. There are times that you can't imagine how much it means, even for a moment, that someone just listens to you and believes you. I always see Attorneys fight so hard for justice on T.V. or movies. When I needed one though, I didn't find that to be true. It seemed they only exist on the screen. But maybe it just takes a little luck and you have to look harder these days. I was truly Lucky! He is the ONLY attorney that didn't try to make me the villain just because another attorney was involved.

Anyway, people take so much time to complain & criticize but not so much to be appreciative. So I wanted to take that time. And hopefully, remind you, Mr Jenkins, of the positive impact you can and did have on a person's life. I hope that one day I am in a position to at least pay it forward. Again, Thank you Mr. Jenkins."


"He is very helpful and explains things so you can understand. Listens to everything you have to say. Answers and returns phone calls. Most attorneys will not answer or return your calls. He is very easy to talk to very polite. I truly believe you would like him as your Attorney."


"I am so grateful I walked in his office! I went for a consultation and he saw bankruptcy wouldn't accomplish what I needed. I didn't even get to be his client & still, his help was immeasurable! He showed me kindness when NO Other Attorney did. I was vulnerable & most would take advantage, He was HONEST! You don't realize how much it means at times for someone to listen & believe you. He did, & then took time to examine my case. I strongly recommend this attorney!"


"I had called a few lawyers and Mr. Jenkins was the only one who called me back. Set up a day and time to meet. He explained my options and made sure I understood everything. I have never felt like e didn't have time for me. So grateful he's the one who called me back."


Working with Daniel was the best decision I could of made. He was always available to personally answer any questions I had, even after hours! He worked with me on the fees and my budget which I really appreciate. The process was completed in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Daniel if you have a need.


They are very responsive and on time. Great decision.


First time filling chapter 7 bankruptcy and Mr. Jenkins answer all my questions, made me feel secure with decision I was doing and that everything was going to be okay. Didn't mind talking on the phone with me countless time to answer all my my concerns I had insured me he's going to make sure I was okay.