Hire a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in Savannah, GA

Chapter 13 provides an opportunity to redirect your income towards preserving the assets that matter most - your home and your car. In most cases, a Chapter 13 Plan will redirect payments away from unsecured creditors like credit card companies in favor of mortgage payments and car payments. The driving force behind a Chapter 13 is enabling you to get back on your feet after a difficult time like the loss of employment or serious health issues which prevented you from paying your regular bills. A Chapter 13 Plan is tailored to bring your current income and expenses in line to pay your debt over time without worrying about creditor harassment or spiking interest rates.

Chapter 13 is also helpful in spreading out repayments on past-due child support payments and many tax liabilities. It is not unusual for a Chapter 13 to reduce your over all monthly payments and at the same time provide a comprehensive fix to a wide range of financial worries.

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Understand the bankruptcy process

You've spoken with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney and determined that you can reorganize your debt. Now you need to know how filing for bankruptcy works. Turn to The Law Offices Of Daniel C. Jenkins, LLC for legal guidance. Attorney Jenkins will:

  • Review all of your financial information
  • Work out a proposed repayment plan that works for you
  • Help you file the bankruptcy forms properly


After case is filed and confirmed by the bankruptcy court, you move forward with confidence that when your case is complete you will emerge from Chapter 13 with the "fresh start" federal law provides. Get started today by scheduling an appointment.

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