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While nearly everyone knows what it's like to be late with a bill payment, few understand the overwhelming stress of living with mountains of unpaid debt. Your phone is ringing off the hook as creditors harass you, and you've fallen so far behind on payments that there's no hope of catching up. There might seem like no way out of debt, but you have options. To make your debt problems temporary, bankruptcy might be the solution.

Call The Law Offices Of Daniel C. Jenkins, LLC in Savannah, GA to speak with a Chapter 11, Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney. Whether you're filing for bankruptcy or trying to prevent foreclosure, you can rely on attorney Jenkins for legal support.


It's good to know that you have debt-relief options, but who do you trust to walk you through these complicated legal processes? Talk to a bankruptcy attorney serving the Southern District of Georgia today with questions about:

Eliminating some or all of your consumer debt
Filing for Chapter 13 to restructure your vehicle and home loans
Filing for Chapter 7 to receive the fastest discharge of most debts

The Law Offices Of Daniel C. Jenkins, LLC is a trusted bankruptcy law firm licensed to practice since 2005. As a Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney, Daniel C. Jenkins can help you find the relief you need from overwhelming debt in Savannah, GA. If bankruptcy is not the right fit for you, we can provide a thorough explanation of alternatives to bankruptcy including mortgage modifications and non-bankruptcy debt settlement agreements.