We are often asked if filing a Chapter 7 means you lose your home or vehicle. If you are current on your payments to such secured creditors and you wish to keep a home or vehicle that is certainly possible in Chapter 7 through what is called a “reaffirmation”. Very often the whole point of a Chapter 7 is to repurpose limited income away from credit card payments to necessities like shelter and mobility. On the other hand when a home or vehicle has turned from a blessing to a curse, a bankruptcy discharge excuses you from further liability and allows you to start the process of rebuilding your credit and financial security. Bankruptcy also affords many exemptions of your other personal property such as jewelry, household goods, electronics, cash, pets and other items which allows you to pass through the bankruptcy process and retain your property. The exemptions are not without their limits but in the vast majority of cases the exemption limits exceed the value of your belongings.

When dealing with debt starts to feel like an endless cycle of postponing payments and racking up bigger bills, turn to a bankruptcy attorney for legal assistance. Bankruptcy of any kind is not a good first option to dealing with creditors, but when debts become overwhelming it’s often a best, last option in returning to a life without financial hardships.

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a necessary step to wipe out your debt and get a fresh start. Chapter 7 bankruptcy involves discharging consumer debt, such as:

  • Medical bills
  • Credit card bills
  • Personal loans, and
  • Remaining balances when a car is repossessed but money is still owed to the bank

Stop struggling with unpaid bills and get your life back on track-call the Law Offices Of Daniel C. Jenkins, LLC now to speak with a bankruptcy attorney.


The consequences of living with unpaid debt can be severe: foreclosure, wage garnishment and creditor harassment can make your daily life extremely stressful. When you're trying to find a way out of debt, nothing's more important than working with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney you can trust. Make an appointment with the Law Offices Of Daniel C. Jenkins, LLC in Savannah, GA today.

Attorney Jenkins has been a trusted bankruptcy attorney for over a 15 years, and he's well-versed in Chapter 7 bankruptcy law. He'll work tirelessly to make sure that your case for debt elimination is as strong as possible. If you don't qualify under Chapter 7, he'll help you find the form of bankruptcy that's right for you.

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